Getting Fired Up

My work is fresh. I'm drawn to organic shape, clean lines and my palette could be called Delicious.
I belong to a family of foodies and gardeners. If we aren't sharing recipes we're discussing what we'll plant next. As form follows function, most of my ideas originate with use in mind and are realized as tabletop artware. It's fun to imagine how food or flowers will be presented and how they'll fit into one's living space.


It's easy to be inspired by what we appreciate. Although I adore the simplicity of monochrome and fluid lines, I never tire of the miracle of Creation and the perfect order of growing things. Leaves, seeds and pods are incorporated into pieces by adding attachments, original artwork and sgraffito carving. The carving is a fun and satisfying way to add detail and movement. I have a fondness for mid-century modern graphics. I can endlessly follow my imagination by grabbing the stylus and etching a design. 

Most work is traditional slab but I do like to combine processes including hand-building, press molding, casting and demi-sculpture. Several layers of pigments and stains are hand applied and burnished in both bisque and final firings. I prefer a white LF clay body -- it's fresh and consistent and I'm more passionate about color and composition than the actual heat work. 

Currently, my favorite 'tools' are some large pillow basalt rock scavenged from the debris of a broken ice damn near my home. The rocks become forms
for odd and lovely vessels. I thoroughly enjoy making them and always wonder who will end up taking them home.

My home and studio are located
in Hood River, Oregon.